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Movers in the Clutch

Key Largo Rain or Shine Movers in Key Largo, Florida, will serve as your last-minute movers in times of need. We also do home deliveries at negotiable rates. Bear in mind that we do all services on an hourly basis or at your discretion. All estimates are also tax-inclusive.

Big or Small Jobs

Give us a call if you need to move your furniture to and from your home or workplace. As the exclusive delivery service provider for Habitat for Humanity™, we make moving a lot easier whenever you buy large items from a store. We use our own trucks and vehicles or provide labor via U-Haul™ upon request. Rest assured that we meet all the regulatory guidelines of your state. For more details on our home assembly jobs, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

Through Thick and Thin

When life's emergencies puts you in a bind, you can be sure that whatever they have left behind will be handled according to your wishes. If your home is about to undergo a termite control treatment, we will move all your furniture out of your home for the treatment and make sure it is stored in pristine condition.